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Partner Programe

A unique product opportunity that delivers value to your customers and helps drive your revenues through value added services.

Genome has developed a unique on-line sales assessment, training and development tool and now we want to sell it to your customers!

In order for us to do this we need to give you a product that is relevant in today's market and economy that no one else has. It would need to deliver a real value add to your customers showing them a clear return on their investment. It would need to be simple to deliver so as to not take up any of your time. It will need to deliver significant returns on the time you do invest in selling it and of course finally, it would need to be free to get involved.

Welcome to the genome Partner Programme.

Here at genome our "go to market strategy" is through partners. We understand the benefits of partnering with leading experts in their field in order for us to expand our business; therefore we have produced a business solution for anyone who is involved with the hiring, management and training of sales professionals.

We offer our partners the following:-

Generous Commissions

As there is no entry cost to our programme all revenues generated are at extremely high margins. Our products are sold on a license basis and are per user per month so all sales generate on-gong reoccurring revenues. We believe that we have produced a product that provides significant value for money for the end users based on our knowledge of the market and compared to the costly nature of today's traditional training. All licences are sold "in advance" so commissions really start as soon as the sale is made.

Advanced Products

Our product is simply unique. It is not often in a selling environment we get the opportunity to sell something that no one else has, it really makes a difference. Our products provide the very latest in psychological research and are one of the only assessment programs that measures behaviours and compare's them with the leading sales people globally. . It takes the classroom to the users through an extensive library of professionally filmed training interventions that are completely aligned with the assessment, therefor making every programme unique. All of our training interventions are recorded every two months using the results received to keep the training fresh, relevant and to the point.

Marketing support

Genome has been designed with the partner in mind. The system can be "white labelled" if needed and becomes part of your product portfolio, powered by genome. We have also worked hard to supply our partners with marketing materials in order to assist with their go to market strategy. As this product is on-line it does require solid legal documentation in order to sign up customers, this has also been made available to our partners and forms part of our overall partner programme that can be accessed from your very own partner portal. We also assist our partners in email campaigns and have designed an email programme that will get sent out on bulk, personalised and not as spam. There are no costs involved with any of our marketing support.

Learn more about our products

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To partner with genome:

02392 658277 / 07703 100941
02392 658277 / 07703 100941
General Enquiries
02392 658277 / 07703 100941
02392 658311 / 07905 511282

Benefits of working with genome

  • It is a unique product
  • White labelled
  • No entry cost
  • Offer's value added services
  • Increases revenue
  • High profit margins

To partner with genome:

02392 658311